Making a difference to the society...
Through our wellness services & solutions
Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

• Providing company HEALTH ASSESSMENT reports narrating the HEALTH RISKS
• Aiding to enhance the PRODUCTIVITY of your company
• Lower health insurance coverage costs of your employee
• Helping the individual to lead successful life and ENRICHING THE WORK AREA
• EDUCATE employees about wellness
• School/Class/Standard wise HEALTH AUDIT REPORT
• SOLUTIONS to student’s physical, academic and emotional Problems.
• EMPOWER students with their potential capacity.
• ENHANCE students with multidisciplinary approach
Homeopathy provides gentle and effective relief from various acute and chronic diseases
Ayurveda offers a holistic treatment in various diseases
Right Diet and Nutrition will make a healthy living possible
Creating a platform for...
Digitalization and innovation in alternative medicine sector
Expertise in...
IT enabled wellness services and solutions
  Welcome to Basil Lifecare  
Basil Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is a Wellness & Preventive Healthcare Company dealing in IT enabled wellness services that focuses on turning technology into caring. Our vision is to pioneer the integration of technology in the wellness sector through our IT and ITES solutions. We have comprehensive preventive healthcare solutions for Corporates, Schools, Central Armed Police Forces, other groups and individuals to achieve Wellness and live a better and balanced life.

Basil Lifecare is working on promoting Indian system of medicines 'AYUSH' (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) through its IT enabled services in this sector. The promoters of Basil Lifecare have a rich experience in AYUSH system of medicine which adds to the innovation and new ideas. Our Domain expert teams are working in formulating the standard line of treatment and information in order to achieve standardization.

Basil Wellness
Basil Lifecare offers
comprehensive healthcare in
Indian system of
medicine "AYUSH",
Diet & Nutrition, Psychology...
Basil PHA
Basil EPWP
Basil Treatment Plan

Basil corporate wellness program will help in reduced spending on healthcare, increase in productivity of the company and a happy and healthy workforce!!!
Management becomes aware of stress zones and overworked employees across departments, age, location, seniority, designations, gender, years of service, etc.
Basil School Wellness offers online wellness services to monitor and achieve wellbeing. The CPWP provides a healthier lifestyle, by doing a little wellness planning and getting a bit to more about yourchild’s health, health risk factors, calorie intake, etc.
Basil Women Wellness offers online wellness services especially dedicated to the needs and requirements of Women. It aims at achieving nutritional, physical and psychological wellbeing in Women. This portal provides solutions for all complaints of women at all stages of her life.
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Basil Wellness offers comprehensive healthcare in Homeopathy, Diet and Nutrition, Psychology, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy considering the health needs of Indian as well as global clients.
Our clinical diets have been specifically designed to achieve the goal of healthy living through planned nutrition. We also offer Customized diets to clients wherein our nutrition experts prepare diet charts as per their caloric needs.
We have experts in the field of Psychology, who helps you to develop or gain more healthy and better emotional & mental life. The Psychologist/ Psychotherapist conducts individual counseling sessions, Intellectual assessment ,
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Basil IT & ITES
At Basil IT & ITES, we
understand what it takes
 to build enterprise-class
software for different industries
and we have addressed
Wellness Services
Healthcare Services
E Learning

Basil Education
We at Basil Education are
creating a platform for digitalization
in alternative system of
medicine especially in “AYUSH”
– Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy
Medical Learning

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